This semester hasn’t been my best with creating art because I am not taking any studio classes, but I am still trying to make art on my own time.

The reason I’m not enrolled in art classes is because this semester I am taking a internship class and we have to completely 45 hours outside of our class. I have been working at a daycare and at Holy Family here on campus, so I am getting a taste of working with both kids and the elderly.

I really enjoy working at Holy Family because most of the people we work with do not always remember much, but watching them do art and talk with us, brings up old memories they have and it is fantastic. There is a woman there who insists that she does not want to do art and she sits down with us, and she becomes so focused that when we talk to her she won’t answer because she is so into the art.

I find it to be so relaxing and satisfying doing art with both populations because they enjoy it so much. It makes me really happy to do art with anyone and I cannot wait until I am doing it as my profession. I can’t wait to help people and make them feel good through art.

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