Last semester I decided to make a slip cast of a wine bottle and I wanted to cut the bottles to put them over top of candles. I tried one of them and I cut the bottom off and carved a geometric pattern into it so when the light will come through it would show the pattern. The first one I tired didn’t exactly come out how I wanted and then I broke the bottle completely before I could even get a picture of it. But the second one I finished it and it is all glazed. I finally gave it and try and lit a tea light candle and it looks awesome. I love it.

I really want to try more and maybe even make the pattern busier for more light to come through. I think I need to get some kind of x-acto knife or some kind of sharp tool to make it easier for me to cut through the clay. When I tried a dull tool it made it really difficult for me to make the pattern close together.

When I casted the bottle I had to cover it in Vaseline and then pour one half of the mold, then the other half. I had a really hard time pulling the bottle out of the mold but I finally got it out and it didn’t break! Thank goodness. But it works and I am so happy about that. I just need to make way more!!!


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