This week I went to A.C.Moore and I bought a really big canvas that was on sale. It was only twenty dollars and it was 36 inch by 36 inch. This is definitely the biggest canvas I have ever worked on a I was actually really scared to work on something this big. I did not know how it was going to come out. And even though I got the canvas on sale, it is still a lot of money to waste if it does not work out.

Paint is not cheap and a large canvas like this takes a lot of it. When I start these paintings I actually paint the entire canvas some type of brown. I like when the brown comes through the white and gives it a more layered appearance. Since I have made this big piece think I might work more with larger canvases and stay away from working small at the moment.

My junior portfolio review is coming up and I want to make sure that I have a lot of work for it, so I think that I am going to include this painting because of its size and just it’s over all quality. I really hope the professor that I have enjoys this painting as much as I do because I think that this is one of my best abstract paintings. I think that I have come a long way with painting and appreciating it more than I did before. I have always known that it was difficult, haha, especially for me, but as I grow as an artist I am also growing as a painter. And I actually love it. My attitude towards painting has severely changed since some of my first blog posts, and I think it’s funny when I look back at them. Well I will continue to keep buying large canvases and see where this will take me. I am loving these new projects and adventures:)

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