During the school year it becomes difficult to work on art that isn’t for a class, especially when I am taking ceramics because I am in the studio a lot. But I’ve been trying to sit down and just doodle over the break and work on some line drawings. I haven’t really worked with water color in a long time, but I want to start experimenting with different medium during winter break and over the summer. I think the most difficult part or working with new mediums is the amount of money that gets put into them when you find out that you don’t like it at all. I took a chance with resin that I bought and talked about the other week, but luckily I really enjoy working with it and I love how my jewelry is coming out.

I bought a small sketchbook that I can just fit into my purse or carry with me. I am hoping this it will motivate me more to draw (even though it’s not my favorite past time lol). At least I do know that it is something I have to work harder on when I have more time. Right now I am really into having a repetitive design that covers the entire page. I feel as if covering the entire page of this tedious detail almost overwhelms the view and draws them in more. I absolutely love the outcome of them, but as I am making them my hand definitely start to really cramps up and hurt! All I really have is one drawing right now, but next week I will definitely have more for you to see! I need to try different designs and see how different color work with other colors on the paper. I have a lot of work set out for me this week!! Challenge accepted haha.

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