In one of my earlier posts I talked about a handled platter I made a few semesters ago in ceramics. I loved how the red came out in it and it was a happy accident. Millring Red is one of the only reds we have in the ceramic studio, and depending on the reduction in kiln it usually comes out brown. In this platter, I just love how it came out and I never thought I could ever get Millring red to ever look like this again. And I did it!! I was so excited when I saw my new bowl come out of the kiln and it looks so similar.

I made a bowl that I was going to add handles to, but later I decided not to. When it came out of the bisque kiln I was not sure what color I wanted to glaze. For me, glazes are the hardest decision I have to make in the entire process of making ceramics. I never know what color I want to do because I always want it to be a color that would go nicely in people’s homes. I suppose I have to look more into what colors are trending right now in kitchens or dining rooms. I usually stay away from being colors, because earthy colors usually go with more kitchens. I also try to stay away from a lot of combinations because I never know how they are going to turn out and I rather not be disappointed. This bowl is easily one of my favorites. I don’t think I will ever sell it because I want to cherish it forever! These two pieces aren’t identical but they are definitely related haha. I am not letting anyone buy these…ever!


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