Alexandra Evans (Class of 2019)

Blogger Role: Student Spotlight

Major: Graphic Design

Minor: (Considering declaring) Illustration

I chose Marywood because of the art department. I went on many visits to other universities during the school selection process, and no other art department compared to Marywood’s. The facility is itself provides such an inspirational atmosphere. The clean open concept layouts and natural light make you want to stay and create. Insalaco is a newer well-kept building, that us art majors are proud to call home!

I am majoring in Art because ever since I was young I have always been intrigued by art and knew that it was going to play a prominent role in my future. I always said I was going to be an art teacher until I was further exposed to other possibilities in the art world. Graphic Design is the route I decided to take for my career path. I fell in love with the variety, options, and opportunities this field provides. How with Graphic Design you can relay so much information and meaning with such simplicity. This major is perfect for me because it encompasses every quality of art that I love, while giving me the chance to express myself creatively.

When I’m not in class, I’m either at the gym or with my friends. I play for the Women’s Basketball team at Marywood so when you can’t find me there is a very high chance I’ll be running around on the hardwoods. I love to get out and explore too. Whether its around town, across state lines, or over seas, I’m always up for an adventure!

My favorite art class so far was Typography. Initially I was so confused as to how there can be an entire class revolving around fonts, but after taking this course last spring I understand! The techniques and details involved are endless and imperative to design. This class was a pleasant surprise that constantly challenged us. It was awesome to see how every student’s personality came out in assignments with use of just type.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was going to Florida last winter break with my team. We had the opportunity to participate in a tournament at Daytona Beach. After our games, we went to Universal Studios for two days and got to ring in the new year together. Being able to start 2016 with my basketball family at Universal is an experience I will forever be grateful for!

When I graduate I plan to head to New York City. I have always loved the city and wouldn’t want to spend my twenties starting my career anywhere else. I am a very futuristic person and have always been the one to plan my whole life out, but in the meantime I plan to make the most of every opportunity I have and I’m hopeful all the pieces will fall together!

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because of the personal connections you make. Marywood’s Art program develops a students love for art into a future. With the smaller class sizes, you get more attention and feedback from professors and fellow students in your major. You learn so much from the one-on-one moments that are specifically geared to whatever you are working on.

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