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We love art. If you do too, you’ve come to the right place for BA, BFA, MA, and MFAs.

Marywood University’s Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts: Design, or Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio Art degrees will set you on a path for a career in the arts.

Undergraduate Programs

Your first year as an art student at Marywood is an important step in your development as an artist. All of our art majors seeking a degree take the following Foundation Year courses:

  • Basic Drawing
  • Painting
  • 2D Design (Drawing, Painting, Figure Drawing, Color Theory)
  • 3D Design (Sculpture, Mixed Media)
  • Computer Graphics I
  • Art History

Students then can specialize by choosing one of the following areas of specialty:

Art Therapy – Bachelor of Arts
Marywood’s art therapy program is designed to meet the needs of those interested in a career that includes both a commitment to art-making and a commitment to serving others. It will introduce you to the human service profession of art therapy at a pre-professional level.

Arts Administration – Bachelor of Arts
Marywood’s arts administration program provides a foundation in both art and business. It includes courses in business and global innovation, art history, and art foundation, as well as practical experience in curating and historic preservation in museums and galleries.

Graphic Design – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Design
Our graphic design program at Marywood will introduce you to a variety of design disciplines. Conceptual development, technical skills and professionalism are emphasized. Students have the opportunity to work independently, with partners, in small groups, with professionals in the field and real clients. Regular class critiques and portfolio reviews are stressed throughout the program.

Illustration – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio Arts
Our professors are working professionals with first-hand knowledge of the opportunities available in the field of illustration. Courses are tailored to your particular interests and strengths, while fostering a broad understanding of the wide range of uses for illustration. Class projects focus on concept development, design, craft, and color. They require students to work in a variety of 2D and 3D media.

Painting – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio Arts
The practice of painting has its origins among the most ancient of human expressions, and has sustained its mysterious potency for thousands of years. Contemporary painting, even in the face of the seductions of technology, remains vital, pluralistic, and integral to our cultural identity.

Photography – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Design
As a form of visual communication, photography is a prevalent and powerful force in our society. The demand for highly skilled photographers continues to grow. There are a variety of exciting opportunities for creative, enthusiastic, and well-prepared photographers. Marywood’s photography program for undergraduates combines fine art training with commercial applications to prepare you for a career in photography.

3D (Sculpture/Ceramics) – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio Arts
Our sculpture program will prepare you for a career in sculpture or ceramics through a thorough examination of 3D forms and space, with an emphasis on traditional and highly technical skills. Our sculpture and ceramics studios support work in wood, glass, plaster, wire, jewelry, metal, porcelain, and clay.

Ad Hoc Studio Arts – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio Arts
When students believe that their unique educational objectives cannot be fully attained by choosing one of the existing major programs, they may devise an ad hoc pattern of courses. A form for an ad hoc proposal should be obtained from the Deans’ Offices or department chairs. The program must be approved by the participating department chairpersons and submitted to the appropriate dean for approval. Ad Hoc major programs usually require 45-60 credits. They are typically designed during the student’s sophomore year. 

Graduate Programs

Students seeking advanced degrees can apply for our MA and MFA programs.

The Master of Arts 36-credit Visual Arts program is intended for graduates of schools and departments of art/art education who want to develop their talents as studio artists. Study with outstanding practitioners in these fields acts as springboard for further professional growth and education. The Master of Arts in Art Therapy is a 60-credit program that follows guidelines for art therapy training recommended by the American Art Therapy Association. Degrees are available in Art Therapy and Studio Arts in Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, and Photography.

The Master of Fine Arts is a 60-credit program designed to provide professional emphasis for persons with an intense commitment to their art who intend to become serious professional artists and/or would like to teach at the college level. There are four areas of concentration: 2-D, 3-D, Graphic Design, and Illustration. In the 2-D area, students may work in the following media: painting, photography, or printmaking. In the 3-D area, students may concentrate in ceramics or sculpture, working with a variety of media.

Low Residency MFAs in Graphic Design and Illustration are offered through our “Get Your Masters with the Masters” MFA for Working Professionals and Educators in Graphic Design & Illustration. This 60-credit Master of Fine Arts degree is specifically designed for working art directors, designers, illustrators, new media artists and art educators who have to budget their time and resources carefully, while continuing with their full-time occupations. While production and technical skills are stressed, the thrust of our program is on creativity and concept.



To learn more about the Art Department or to schedule a visit, email us at or call 570-348-6278 and chat with us.

Note: First time freshmen who apply before our annual Nov 15 submission deadline will be granted priority considered for the Art Talent Award when they submit their portfolio for review.

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