Clubs & Activities

At Marywood, we strive to provide all of our Art majors and minors with opportunities to engage with other students and artists both on and off campus. Activities include participation in local gallery exhibitions, attending guest lectures and conferences, and getting involved with club activities. Check out what we have to offer:

Art Clubs & Organizations

The Art Department currently has 6 clubs and organizations dedicated to the arts. Overall, Marywood’s Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) offers over 60 extra-curricular registered clubs and organizations.

Art Opportunities

Marywood provides several opportunities for art majors and minors to get involved in publishing and exhibitions throughout the school year, as well as participating in internships and fieldwork as required by their major. Opportunities include submitting work to the school’s literary/art journal and newspaper, exhibiting work at locale venues in Scranton as part of the city’s First Friday, internships, calls for entry, and more.

Upcoming Events

Each semester Marywood provides opportunities for students, faculty, and the community to engage with professionals in the arts. We are delighted to host the following guest speaker series: Distinguished Visiting Artists Series, Connect Speaker Series, Fresh Perspectives Guest Artist Lectures, Stretch Conference Speakers, and Visiting Artist Talks. In addition, the art department hosts a variety of gallery openings and artist talks, as well as providing Art Education and Art Therapy symposia throughout the year.

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