Brooke Lamberti (Class of 2021)

Blogger Role: Jobs & Internships / Alumni Stories

Major: Art Therapy

When did you first consider yourself an artist? I’m not really sure if there’s a definite answer for that. I started drawing when I was around twelve, and gained recognition via social media, but I didn’t consider myself an artist- just someone who drew a lot. I think the first time I ever used the word artist in casual conversation was after I sold my first piece of artwork, but in reality, I know I was an artist long before that.

Why did you choose Marywood? I chose Marywood because I wanted to be an Art Therapist, and Marywood was one of the first colleges to popup nationwide when you do a Google search. It allowed me to stay close to home while attending a well-known and accredited art therapy program. Another selling point was the 5-year BA2MFA fast track option, which is of course a bonus.

Why did you choose your major? I chose my major after writing a career essay in high school. I was fascinated by psychology due to experience and I had just started to feel comfortable calling myself an artist. It was the perfect fit.

What is your favorite medium to work in and why? My favorite medium to work in is graphite. Maybe that’s just because it’s something I’ve never really strayed from and have come to know well. With that being said, I’ve learned it to be a very forgiving medium in terms of making mistakes, as well as a medium that allows me to create a base skill for many other art mediums.

What kinds of things inspire you to make art? This is a hard question, and something I struggle with. I have a very photographically trained eye, so with that being said, creativity doesn’t always come the easiest, and I find myself working off of photos. As I’m learning the ropes of my own artistic style and ability, I find that inspiration comes only when I stop searching for something to draw.

What artists excite you and why?  Oddly enough, artists in every medium except mine (graphite and attempted photorealism) are my favorite. I find that viewing artists who make art completely polar to mine are the best ways to learn about your own art. I focus more on the artwork rather than an artist for that reason.

What about the creative process excites you the most? The creative process excites me in general because of how transformational it is. I often draw portraits, so the transformation from just shapes and lines to a fully drawn out and shaded figure is my favorite. Seeing how the human eye visualizes things and how I break it down is my favorite part of the process.


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