Camille Dantone (Class of 2020)

Blogger Role: Arts Administration

Major: Arts Administration

Minor: Art History

I chose Marywood because Marywood had exactly what I was looking for in regards to a major. I was looking for a school that offered a major that covered my interests in both business and the arts. Having the ability to be creative in a supportive academic environment has not only improved my college experience, but my overall growth as a member of the community.

I am majoring in Art because Art is a creative outlet for me that allows my inner creativity to shine through. I always found myself searching for creative outlets within my previous major and nothing could compare to the Art program I was so attracted too. I am grateful to have the support from my Professors and fellow students to help me along my journey through the amazing Art program here at Marywood.

When I’m not in class, you can usually find me at home tending to my many plants or out in the world trying to find inspiration. I am drawn to discovering new art forms and I tend to challenge myself with new knowledge and skills I’m taking in.

So far, my favorite art class at Marywood, I would have to say, is any Art History with Dr. Irwin. Being able to voice my opinion and debate on certain works of art is such a great feeling and opportunity. Dr. Irwin is such an amazing Professor and academic, I admire her and her admiration for Art History. I enjoyed her class so much, I decided to pick up Art History as a minor.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was I attended a trip with my Art History class to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. It was such a great experience to be able to explore the museum and put good use the knowledge that I have gained inside and outside the classroom.

When I graduate I plan on using my skills and knowledge of art history in a museum setting. I would love to work for a museum that focuses on preserving historical fashion pieces. I have hands on experience in the fashion industry, and I believe that by combining my passion for both art history and fashion would be the best fit for me.

I would recommend Marywood’s Art program because this program allows you to have the freedom to explore a variety of subjects and mediums that will expand your comfort zone. When I entered the program I was full of excitement and I still am everyday because I am passionate about what I’m doing.

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