Emily Hare (Class of 2021)

Blogger Role: Printmaking

Major: Illustration

Minors: Graphic Design

I chose Marywood because I was looking for a college that wasn’t too large and was able to provide for me and my artwork. Marywood is only around an hour away from where I live which was another plus! When I took the tour of Maywood’s art buildings I just felt something click; it seemed like such a friendly atmosphere, and at that point I could easily see myself doing my artwork in the studios that I was being shown. In the end, I’m so happy at Marywood, and it ended up being the perfect fit for me.

I am majoring in Art because for my entire life I have always loved art. I love the impact that art has on the world, and I wanted to take part in that impact. I really wanted to be able to make something of my artwork, and through majoring in it, I had hopes to grow and develop it. I’m happy to report that all this has happened while studying at Marywood.

When I’m not in class I’m Either taking photos, at the Learning Commons getting a bagel, or painting. When I’m not at school I do a lot of photography and have at least two cameras with me at any given time. I love taking photos of old houses and buildings, so you might find me driving around the backroads of northeastern PA.

So far, my favorite art class at Marywood was either Painting I or my most recent Printmaking class! Painting I was my introduction to painting with oil paints, and it has since then become one of the primary art mediums that I use for my art. Printmaking was just so much fun and different from any other class that I had taken at Marywood. We also had an awesome group of talented students that made the class a joy to go to.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was I had an artwork featured in Marywood’s Bayleaf Art and Literary Magazine, and it was on display in the Learning Commons at the last Bayleaf Open event! Doing different hands-on printing techniques in my printmaking class stand out as another one of my cool experiences at Marywood as well.

When I graduate I would really love to Illustrate children’s books or possibly get into art licensing. In one of my art classes I recently took at Marywood, I got to illustrate a short story and I really enjoyed it. It was something that I could see myself doing in the future. I’ve always enjoyed the illustrations in children’s books, my Mom read to me a lot when I was little and I always loved looking at the pictures. (Most of the time more than listening to the words haha!) and I would love to create experiences like that for others. Art licensing was also something that was included in that same illustration class and inspired me as well.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because: The teachers and students are just so kind and helpful. The class sizes are smaller in the art program which makes it easier to build a relationship with your professors and get all of the help that you need on projects. You will also get to know the students in your major very well! I feel like I have improved so much since I first came to Marywood, and I have met so many talented artists.

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