Gabrielle Mitchell (Class of 2019)

Blogger Role: Art Education

Major: Art Education

Minor: Painting

I chose Marywood because the people here are very welcoming and it felt like a home away from home. The dormitories are comfortable to live in; some may say Marywood spoils the students because of how well we live. The facilities for art majors are phenomenal.

I am majoring in Art because that has always been my passion since I was little. The way art allows me to express myself freely without any limitations. This applies to the different forms of art that I am involved in such as dance, painting, sculpture, and fashion. Art is more than paper and pencil but it is our everyday lives and I tend to embrace it.

When I’m not in class, I’m working at a cafe, creating events for student activities, facilitating mediation as a resident assistant, choreographing a new dance as the Step Team Captain, also running the Global Unity Club to bring awareness on campus of different cultures.

My favorite art class so far was Painting II, where I learned so many different ways to use a palette knife. Now I have created my own signature style using a palette knife and I cannot put it down.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was get involved with the Student Activities Crew where I was able to host my very own painting and mocktail event. I also took take a Study Abroad trip to Venice with my art professors.

When I graduate I plan to go to grad school and focus on painting to receive a MFA, then pursue a career  that I would love to do everyday, which would be teaching art at the college level.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because their facility is huge with so many things that you can try. Their faculty are so willingly and ready to help with your art making.

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