Grace DiNella (Class of 2026)

Name: Grace DiNella

Blogger Role: Student Spotlight

Major: Graphic Design

Minor(s): Photography

I chose Marywood because I love it here! When I first visited, I really enjoyed the campus. Everyone here is friendly and welcoming. When touring the art buildings/departments, I was amazed at all the resources. The 24/7 access to labs and studios really drew me in. The professors also were very welcoming, and helpful. 

I am majoring in Art because I have always been drawn to art, but I never really thought of it as a career. I took a computer graphics class in my senior year of high school and fell in love with designing, digital illustration, etc. I knew that this was for me and it was something that I truly just excelled in, compared to other things I had been exposed to. 

When I’m not in class, you can usually find me hanging out with my roommates, doing homework, or just relaxing. In the winter, I love skiing, and when the weather gets warmer I am outside even more! I love this area because of how beautiful it is in all seasons! So hanging outside is where you might find me. 

So far, my favorite art class at Marywood was 2D Design with Michelle Corby or Digital Design with Sue Jenkins. In my 2D Design class, we created roughly one painting, collage, or drawing per week. I really enjoyed getting to further my knowledge with these mediums and creating works based on the fun prompts that my teacher created. Digital Design probably takes the cake for my favorite class. I love creating work digitally. This class has helped me so much with expanding my knowledge in Illustrator, and Photoshop. I love the prompts for the projects; there hasn’t been a project that I haven’t enjoyed yet. 

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was attending all of the art exhibits Marywood offers. The Marywood Art Department has a new exhibit every couple months. I am so grateful they have these exhibits for students, or anyone to enjoy. It’s nice not having to leave campus if I want to enjoy art, or if I need a boost of creativity, or if I just want something to do! There is such a variety of types of art exhibits. My favorite probably would have to be the biannual faculty art professor exhibits! It’s so beautiful to me being able to see what my professors are working on. It’s wonderful knowing that my professors are still intrigued with their field of study! 

When I graduate I will be a Graphic Designer! Or a Photographer! Or something hopefully! In all seriousness, I am not sure yet. I know, obviously I want to be in one of those fields, but not sure what yet. I have so much still to explore, and who knows what graphic design might even look like in 4 years. I seem to enjoy Web Design and Interactive Design a lot and also Print Design. I hope to work in my hometown. I live 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, so hopefully I can land a job in the city while living at home! Who knows though! Maybe I’ll change my mind, and want to live halfway across the world. Only time will tell. 

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because of all of the opportunities that the school has to offer. There are SO many opportunities to display art work or get yourself out there. There are a handful of art clubs that you can join, so many exhibit options on and off of campus, professors who are willing to help you make connections, and so much more. I couldn’t even name all of the things that Marywood has to offer for art students and the rest of the student body.

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