Hannah Wittman (Class of 2018)

Blogger Role: Art Therapy

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: Ceramics

I chose Marywood because Art therapy is not offered at many different Universities, and Marywood’s art therapy program helps the student become well rounded as an artist as well as a therapist. I did a lot of research before I came to Marywood about the programs they offer and I realized Marywood was the perfect school for me.

I am majoring in Art because I have always had a deep connection with art while I was growing up. Instead of playing video games or watching TV, I would create different drawings or three dimensional pieces with play-dough. I knew I did not want to go to college strictly for art, so when I heard about art therapy I knew it would be the perfect combination of psychology and being creative.

When I’m not in class, I’m usually going out shopping, finding something new to experience, or working. I like to go out and find new things to experience that I have never done before. Even if I am just going to get a cup of coffee, it is a good break from my classes all week. I love to find different types of inspiration when I am not in class so I can find ways to incorporate it into my art.

My favorite art class was actually all of my ceramics classes I’ve taken so far. I never used clay before I came to college and I fell in love with it the first time I used it. The way clay feels when it is being centered on the wheel or just playing with it with your hands has such therapeutic aspect in itself. With art therapy, clay can be a very useful tool to relieve different emotions. I fell in love with clay instantly and I plan to use it with my clients in the future.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was going to New York City to the Chelsea Gallery District. There were so many different and unique galleries when we went for the day. One of the galleries we went to was a photo realism gallery and another was a “Shrine to Foodism” which was larger than life ceramic food sculptures. The art was absolutely amazing. The trip gave me such insight to all the different types of art and different materials that can be used.

When I graduate I plan on looking for graduate programs for Art Therapy so I can get my masters degree right away. I want to work with pediatric oncology patients at a children’s hospital. Medical art therapy really provides a distraction for cancer patients and helps them cope with their illness. Just knowing that I can help children with their cancer makes me feel good about becoming an art therapist.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the professors are so supportive. Marywood’s professors really want to help their students become successful and give one-on-one attention during class. At Marywood you are not just a number like at large Universities. Marywood’s art department is also very involved with the community such as First Friday in Downtown Scranton. I’d recommend Marywood’s art programs because Marywood’s staff will help you become successful and they support every student in many ways.