Jordan Slater (Class of 2020)

Blogger Role: On Campus Art News (Formerly Student Spotlight and Painting)

Major: Illustration

I chose Marywood because of the art program and also the campus itself. From the moment I stepped on campus, I felt at home and I knew this was the place for me.

I am majoring in art because I cannot imagine doing anything else (and believe me I tried). Growing up I always found myself drawing, but I never thought I could have a career creating art. After stepping into my first art class freshman year of high school, I could think of doing nothing else. 

When I’m not in class, I am most likely sketching. I bring a notebook or sketchbook with me everywhere I go so if an idea hits me I can get it down. If I’m not drawing, I am most likely reading books, playing piano, or teaching dance classes. 

My favorite art class so far was drawing. While I use different mediums, nothing feels better than having my trusty pencils and charcoal in my hands. 

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was going on the bus trip to New York. I always wanted to see the Met but never had the chance. The art looks very different in person than in pictures, so it was amazing to finally go there to see the amazing works like those by Degas or Monet. Even outside of the museum my friends and I were surrounded by art. Walking through Central Park we found statues, Belvedere castle, and heard musicians playing beautiful melodies. It was an amazing experience I would hope to do again someday.

When I graduate I would love to eventually work as a concept artist. I always enjoyed looking at the quick sketches and digital paintings, and I loved seeing at how an idea can change and evolve into something completely different than what it started. I started looking at the original concept art for the original Star Wars and now I buy concept art books whenever I see them. I would love to someday be one of the concept artists I admire. However, I know everything doesn’t happen as you plan so if I different opportunity presents itself I will be open to it. 

I’d recommend the art program at Marywood because it’s amazing! The classes are enjoyable and interesting. Even when I was working with something I already knew, like Photoshop, I was challenged to push myself further and sometimes work with techniques I’d never heard of. All of the projects we have worked on taught me something new and helped me improve greatly. I’ve noticed such a difference between my gesture drawings from the end of my high school senior year and the ones I completed last semester here at Marywood. The projects have also provided me with great portfolio pieces as well.

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