Josh Mann (Class of 2017)

Blogger Role: Photography

Major: Photography

I chose Marywood because it was a local school with an architecture program. After studying architecture for three semesters I refocused my attention to photography after a semester of consideration because I had realized that it was something that I could actually see myself doing in the future and find greater satisfaction in doing it.

I am majoring in Art because I feel a career in photography would be the most fulfilling. I’ve always felt that the work I am most proud of doing are the things that require an element of creativity. Photography particularly attracts me because it is the only art form that directly uses the real world as its canvas, so to speak; I’ve also found that the camera allows you to show or explore things in a way that the eye does not allow you to.

When I’m not in class, I’m either taking photos, listening to, or playing music. I’ve been playing guitar and drums since I was about 14, and more recently bass guitar; whether I’m trying to figure out songs that resonate with me, or writing my own, music is easily equally as much a part of my life as photography.

My favorite art class was so far was 3D Design because it allowed me to explore a wider array of creative options than in two dimensional media. In that class I felt like I was immediately out of my comfort zone because it was the first college level art studio I ever participated in, but after completing my piece for a wire sculpture project, for which I designed and built an exaggerated fish, I felt as if changing from architecture to art was the right decision. A close second would be my Intermediate Photography class, in which I was enrolled in the past spring. The class heavily emphasized experimentation which was an enlightening change of perspective in regard to a medium I initially felt was much more formulaic.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was attending Suzanne Caporael’s artist talk this past fall semester. Attending her talk initially seemed like it would just be a boring formality required by my professor, as similar things may often seem, until I was actually there. Perhaps it was the way she explained her approach or maybe it was her sincerity about her work, but nonetheless I found it immediately engaging and I still often consider things that she brought up when I am creating. I would not describe myself strictly as a conceptual artist, however attending her talk changed my perspective on what art could mean.

When I graduate I plan to pursue my master’s degree and explore any opportunities that may arise, whether here in my home town or elsewhere.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because because the projects are generally intriguing and often require a fair amount of forethought and the professors are engaging, thoughtful, and always seem to have genuine concern for the success of their students.

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