Judy Marchione (Class of 2024)

Blogger Role: Art Therapy

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: Illustration

I chose Marywood because of the Art department. I applied to and toured around about ten other schools in Pennsylvania, but Marywood’s facilities stood out as the best by far. The studios in Insalaco are huge with great natural light, resources for anything from welding to printmaking are available, and the student work made there is incredible and always being displayed. Outside of studio art, Marywood’s other Art programs like art history, art administration, art education, and art therapy are extensive and provide their students with all the tools to succeed.

I am majoring in Art because it’s one hundred percent my passion in life. In high school, my Principle told our class that we should pursue the intersection of our life’s passion and our life’s purpose. I’d always draw just for fun, but ever since I took my first serious art class in tenth grade, I knew that creating art was my passion. Sitting down and creating something that you’re proud of is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. My purpose in life is to help people—I always knew that whatever career I chose, it had to be something where I was working with and helping people. So, art therapy was the perfect match!

When I’m not in class, I’m probably getting coffee, working at the Friccione Early Learning Center at Marywood, or heading down to the Poconos for the weekend to belay. During the summer, I work and live full time at a summer camp as their Arts and Crafts Director, but I also am a high ropes instructor there! When I got back to Marywood this fall, I decided to work at the Early Learning Center here because I loved the young children age group at camp so much. As for the coffee, my caffeine addiction is pretty self-explanatory—my usual order is an iced shaken espresso.

So far, my favorite art class at Marywood was my 3D Design class as part of Foundation Year. I got to work with so many new mediums that I’ve never tried before! Through that class I also discovered that I love woodworking, and I got to make 3D art pieces that will last forever. Though of course, it’s probably tied with my Approaches in Art Therapy class. Learning about the theory behind the schools of art therapy and their techniques is probably the most interesting thing in the world to me!

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was get artwork accepted into my first gallery exhibition! It’s so cool to think that my artwork can be seen and interpreted by so many more people than just my classmates or professors. I can’t wait to participate in more galleries at Marywood, and possibly some off-campus too.

When I graduate I hope to travel and move around the country to experience new people and places—my friends know that I would love to stay in the Seattle area for a while. With my degree, hopefully I’ll start practicing art therapy with young adults. I’m especially interested in working in correctional facilities and providing rehabilitation for inmates who may not have access to artmaking in prison. Further down the line, I’d definitely like to work towards a doctorate in art therapy, psychology, or counseling.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because of so many reasons, but one I’ll highlight is the Art faculty. All your professors genuinely care about your success, and they’re knowledgeable in any area you can think of. Want to learn how to make stained glass? Need help researching 16th century Incan art? Curious about what ingredients are in the paint you’re using? There’s a professor here who can help!

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