Kristin Brunson-Palmer (Class of 2023)

Blogger Role: Art Therapy

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: Painting

I chose Marywood because of their Art Therapy Program. When I was looking for schools, I was originally looking for a school where I could double major in Art and Psychology, but, came across Marywood’s Art Therapy program which in a nutshell is just that. Once I did research about the type of school Marywood is and what Art Therapy was, I realized that as a young adult coming into the working world, a smaller school with a great mission was the place to start working towards my dream career.

I am majoring in Art because I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. When I was looking into colleges and universities, I was looking for something that I could see myself doing for a long time, when I found out that I could further my career as an artist, I took my shot and haven’t looked back since. I am now more grateful than ever that I have this opportunity to pursue a vocation to help fulfill my life journey.

When I am not in class, it is safe to assume that I am creating something or watching movies. I love spending my time honing my craft or watching something that makes me think/inspires me. If all else fails, I am most definitely sleeping!

So far, my favorite art class at Marywood was the painting class that I took the second semester of my freshman year, Painting I. I loved this class because it challenged me to use a new medium and a new way of thinking to solve problems. I had to reteach myself how to paint, and though it was stressful, my professor made the environment into a space where mistakes were welcomed as long as they were close to being resolved in the next attempt. This class changed the way I viewed making art and making mistakes.

The coolest thing that I have done at Marywood so far was make it into the school art and literary magazine, The Bayleaf. I have an original painting and a photograph of myself (not taken by me) in the Bayleaf’s spring 2020 issue.

When I graduate, I hope to be a full-time Art Therapist and a full-time Artist. I hope to not only touch lives with the therapeutic approaches of Art Therapy but also feed my soul by creating and sharing my work with others.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the learning environment is inspiring. All the professors that I have had in the Art program have been wonderful engaging mentors, who I personally look up to, and a kind inspiring student body.

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