Mackenzie Thomas (Class of 2022)

Blogger Role: Photography

Major: Photography

Minor: Considering adding a business minor

When did you first consider yourself an artist? During my sophomore year of high school after taking the extra curricular class Journalism. We would have multiple tasks including taking photos for our newspaper and yearbook, which is where I got my passion.

Why did you choose Marywood? It was a school close to home, so it gave me the ability to stay close to someone special to me. I also knew it was an exceptional school to attend after my grandmother talked to me about it many years ago.

Why did you choose your major? Photography became a passion of mine after I experimented finding new ways to express art in feelings, such as viewing from the top of bottom of a subject. For people, position them in different poses with different backgrounds.

What is your favorite medium to work in and why? I really enjoy doing portraits for others because it gives me the opportunity to make them excited for the results and always includes a really fun and adventurous time. I also enjoy doing nature shots because I find the world around me stunning and aspire to share my views with others.

What kinds of things inspire you to make art? The look of pleasure when someone sees how their photos turned out. There is nothing better than the joyful look which comes across someone’s face when they see how their photos looks.

What artist excites you and why? There is a local photographer in my area named Melissa Siguenza ( She did my senior photos and she had so much energy. As a photographer, I like being behind the camera, not in front, but she made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. She does an amazing job and I have looked up to her ever since.

What about the creative process excites you the most? Seeing my main focus from different angles and trying them all out. It is a really good way to find new ways to focus on something in particular, photography is more than just taking a straight-on photo; it’s about finding a different way to exaggerate the focus.

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