Melissa Bostjancic (Class of 2025)

Name: Melissa Bostjancic

Blogger Role: Graphic Design

Major: Graphic Design

Minor(s): Illustration

Clubs: CMYKlub, Zeta Omicron Kappa Pi

I chose Marywood because of the impressive graphic design program and the overall “fit!” I am glad to be in an accredited school where the classes are smaller and more focused; I get to know my professors and peers and have a more personalized relationship with them. The projects given are based on real design jobs since many faculty have worked or are currently working in the field, preparing us for work outside of college. 

I am majoring in Art because I’ve always had a passion for drawing since I was little, but found myself becoming more interested in digital design in high school when I enrolled in a two-year vocational art program. Graphic design seemed like the perfect combination of digital art and visual communication, and adding an illustration minor still allowed me to fit my love of fine art into my schedule.

When I’m not in class, you can find me doodling, creating designs for various products on my RedBubble, hanging with friends, or playing (or watching!) volleyball! 

So far, my favorite art class at Marywood was, well, I can’t really pick just one! My top two favorites would probably have to be Digital Design with Sue Jenkins, and Intro to Typography with Pat McLane. Both of these classes provided me with projects that could be used in my portfolio, and I especially loved working digitally to create such a wide variety of final pieces. Motion Graphics with Paul Georgetti was also really fun, and even though the class required a bit more of a learning curve with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, I’m so happy with how my final projects turned out!

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was participating in this year’s Mental Health Awareness Day. I was able to create a coloring page design as a relaxing activity during the day, volunteer with my roommates at one of the tables, win some awesome raffle prizes, play with some baby goats and therapy dogs, and of course, raise awareness about such an important cause. 

When I graduate, I would like to have a job that I enjoy and can be successful at. I have a wide range of interests including brand identity, package design, album cover design, sticker design, surface design, and UI design, so finding something that covers some of those interests would be very exciting for me!

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because of the learning environment and close-knit community you become a part of within your classes and major especially. There is always a familiar face around campus and in the art buildings, which is something I’ve really valued in the time I’ve been here.

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