Richele Gallagher (Class of 2023)

Name: Richele Gallagher

Blogger Role: Ceramics

Major: Art Therapy

Clubs: Zeta Omicron, Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society

I chose Marywood because growing up, I have always been interested in art but I also love psychology and want to help others somehow within my career. My friends and family have always supported my art career which allows me to be encouraged to pursue my artistic side. When I found Marywood I saw they had an Art Therapy program. I quickly became interested in the Art Therapy program because it is a perfect mix of art and psychology, and it allows me to follow my dream through the two subjects I love.

I am majoring in Art because ever since I was a little girl I have always been involved in art. As some people get into high school, they stop taking art classes, however all I wanted to do was be in as many art classes as I could. Now that I am in college, I chose a career that has art incorporated into it because it is a passion of mine and I want to continue to use it the rest of my life. Art is an easy way for me to help myself through stressful situations, to figure out a confusing emotion I have, and even to learn who I am and what my personal style is.

When I’m not in class, I participate in a few activities such as going to the gym, working, cooking, being a part of Zeta Omicron, the International Art Honor Society chapter club at Marywood, and drawing. The gym, working, and cooking all allow me to express myself and figure out things that I like to do as an individual. They help me figure out and learn who I am as a person outside of school and art. Zeta Omicron and drawing give me the opportunity to express my artistic self and give me experience that can be helpful to me in the future.

So far, my favorite art classes at Marywood would have to be figure drawing and ceramics. I am a lover of fine arts so it can be hard for me to simply choose one form of creation which is why I have two favorite art classes. They are my favorite art classes because drawing is a specialty of mine and ceramics gives me a different opportunity to work with my hands without paper. Each class teaches me something new and exciting!

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was choosing to be active on campus. Campus life is an important experience when being in college. It gives you opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and gain experiences. So far, I have participated in sports, Zeta Omicron, and constantly meet new people. Each of these activities are equally cool and important to me because it helps me learn different things that I like and dislike, and I am learning who I am as a person. If there is one thing I’d say to someone new to college, it’d be to live on campus and participate in any activity or club that is interesting. It’s a cool, fun experience!

When I graduate with my undergraduate degree, I will continue my education by pursuing my masters in Art Therapy. I will also continue my work as an individual artist to improve and gain new skills through drawing and any form of art that I choose to include. Eventually, years from now, I hope to go back to school to obtain my PhD in psychology.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because as a student, you will gain lots of fine arts experiences to grow and develop your own style of art. The professors are all so kind, easy to talk to, and want to help you succeed in your art career in the best way possible. By being in this program, I have experienced the use of art in ways that I never thought I would enjoy. Finding out who I am and what I can accomplish is a wonderful feeling that Marywood provides, and I hope that others choose to do the same as.

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