Samantha Costa (Class of 2018)

Blogger Role: Graphic Design

Major:  Graphic Design

I chose Marywood because the art program has everything I wanted and needed to be successful in my field. The smaller classes make it possible for students to work personally with their professors, to really get the most out of their learning experience. It’s also pretty far from home, so it gave me the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

I am majoring in Art because I have always been interested in art, and have been painting since I could hold a brush. In High School I took every art course that was offered, including a digital design course, which sparked my interest in graphic design.

When I’m not in class, I’m probably hanging out with friends around campus, or working on personal projects for fun. I’m also a part of the National Art Honor Society, Zeta Omicron, which holds different events on and off campus to help raise money and awareness for different charities while incorporating art into people’s lives.

My favorite art class was Basic Photo. I’ve always done digital photography, but it was really interesting to learn how to use and develop film. There wasn’t the instant gratification that a picture came out well, like on digital cameras. It took a lot of time, energy, and effort to finally have the printed picture in front of you, but the work was always worth it in the end.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was take advantage of the New York City bus trips each semester. I’m from Long Island and live fairly close to NYC and usually go on day trips with friends to different museums and to see Broadway shows. It’s nice to still have the opportunity to do those things even though I’m much farther away now.

When I graduate I hope to get a job in New York City. I love the fast paced lifestyle and how everything is so easily accessible. It’s also close to home which is a plus.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the professors really care about the students and the small classes make it possible for everyone to get the attention and help they need to succeed.