Samantha S.

Samantha Strausser (Class of 2020)

Blogger Role: Off Campus Art News / Jobs & Internships

Major: Graphic Design

I chose Marywood because their art program really appealed to me. I had heard from multiple sources that the teachers were truly amazing. I felt that the programs that they offered would really prepare me for the working art world. I was confident that I would leave with all the tools I needed to be successful.

I am majoring in Art because I always had a desire to create things that would surprise people. Nothing excites me more than the thought of someone getting goosebumps when they look at my art. Art is everywhere, but great art is rare and I wanted to be able to create those rare pieces that are irreplaceable.

When I’m not in class, I’m mostly drawing, studying, or napping. I take school very seriously, so if I’m not in class or working, I’m spending my time studying or putting those few extra hours into a project. I also feel like the best way to get the creative juices flowing again is to take a nice long nap.

My favorite art class so far was Intro to Basic Drawing with Mark Webber. It was the first art class I had at Marywood and I feel as though Mark taught me things that fully prepared me for the rest of my art classes. The figure drawing really helped me to understand the way a body exists in a 3D space, which then helped me in graphic design when I was using any form of shadow, color, or Photoshop technique.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was making the Dean’s list my first semester. I did my absolute best and it was awesome to see that I had accomplished something with all of my hard work.

When I graduate I hope to have a good job that will inspire me every day, and lots of dogs that will keep my company when I spend all night drawing and designing.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the teachers are phenomenal. Every professor I’ve had thus far has really cared about their students and has been incredibly passionate about the arts. The program is well rounded with multiple classes and studies that really help guide artists into the direction that they hope to go. The art program, altogether, is one of the many programs that steal the spotlight at Marywood University.

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