Sarah Childs (Class of 2023)

Blogger Role: Art History

Major: Architecture & Art History

Clubs: Women in Architecture, NOMAS, Birditure

I chose Marywood because the architecture program immediately caught my attention, along with the community of the school! Everyone was so welcoming, and I knew I wanted a smaller school to get the most out of my education. I knew that I’d really be able to learn and grow as a student here, while also being far enough from my home in Maryland that I could start a life of my own (and still close enough that I could drive home and see my dog!).

I am majoring in Art because my goal as an architect was always to get into restoration, so I knew from the get go that a history or art history minor was in my future. But, after taking my first art history class I immediately fell in love. I have such a hunger for knowing more and being able to dive deep into conversations about art history with my fellow art history enthusiasts is so incredibly enriching and exciting. I knew right away that a minor wasn’t going to be enough! So, with the help and support of my professors and advisors, I switched my minor to an (ad hoc) second major. It has truly become one of my biggest passions in life.

When I’m not in class, I’m trying to keep up with my studio work and my clubs! For every club I’m in, I strive to integrate them into my schoolwork, and because of that, I’ve somehow ended up on the board for all of them! Having two majors is demanding, so my free time is mostly taken up with homework. But luckily, all my closest friends are in the same boat. Art history and Architecture are both passion projects, so with the right company, the rare occasion comes around where all that stress is also somehow fun!

So far, my favorite art class at Marywood was probably my Women in Art class with Dr. Irwin. It was my first art history class after declaring art history as my second major and being able to expand my view of art with this new opportunity was so exciting. Dr. Irwin also is just a fantastic professor, and her classes are always so exciting. This class really helped me find my focus and perspective as an art history student, and I also got to be surrounded by people with the same passion for art. This class had me so interested, that I even tried to sit through all three hours while passing my sixth kidney stone! (Tried and failed, I should say, but it’s funny looking back at it!) This was such a hard one to answer!

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was participating in the first Jane Jacobs exhibition and event here in Scranton! The Jane Jacobs foundation was recently taken over by an architecture professor here at Marywood, so our school was able to showcase our projects throughout the streets of Scranton to honor Jane Jacobs. Not only was this one of my favorite projects that I’ve designed so far, but it was also such a proud moment to see our work on display, especially after a semester of hard work.

When I graduate, I am probably going to move onto earning my masters! Right now, I’m deciding on whether I want that to be in Art History, or Architecture. Both are so important to me, so as I decide about the next step it’s definitely feeling like quite a balancing act. I really want to find a path that can accommodate my passion for both. But I feel like I really thrive in an academic environment, so more school is likely the next step!

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because everyone is SO supportive. The art program at Marywood has truly become such an incredible community. Especially once you really start to get to know the other students who are always in your classes and having the opportunity to really get to know your professors, everyone is really rooting for you. There is always a helping hand to help you up when you’re falling behind. Everyone is always rooting for you!

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