Sarah P. Pfeil (Class of 2019)

Blogger Role: Art Therapy

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: Psychology

I chose Marywood because Marywood was one of the few schools I looked into with an Art Therapy program. After visiting and seeing what the university had to offer, I was extremely impressed and could not wait to be here. The campus, buildings, and especially art studios were all so fantastic, I couldn’t say no. Coming from Philadelphia, I wanted to attend a school far enough but not too far and Marywood was the perfect place for that.

I am majoring in Art because I have always had an interest in art ever since I was little and being addicted to coloring books. When it came to high school, I started acting out on my interest more and more. Eventually, I found Art Therapy my junior year of high school and have stuck with it ever since. Majoring in Art Therapy has developed my art and myself more than I ever expected.

When I’m not in class, I’m usually spending time with my friends around campus, watching Netflix while doing some visual journal reflections, or taking a little nap to catch up on sleep!

My favorite art class so far has been Painting, both I and II. The movement of color and the different opportunities you can do with painting amazes me. Painting I and II have taught me such a variety of painting and painters that have opened different inspirations for me. Painting class has truly become one of my escapes.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was my body modification sculpture in Sculpture class has been one of my favorite/coolest things I have done so far. Our assignment was to create a sculpture that we could wear on our bodies and modify in some way or another. Using big/small plastic spoons, foam pieces, a magnifying glass, and spray paint, I created a mask that went over half of my face and down my arm. It was such an interesting process and end product.

When I graduate I aspire to be an Art Therapist with adolescents with mental disorders. I am open to all populations of clients, but I often feel adolescents and their feelings are cast away in a shadow and some do not take them seriously. I have high hopes for what is to come after graduation!

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because Marywood’s Art program splits up classes in a way that each student gets the exact help they need in a class and learn all the information that needs to be learned in the class. Teachers share their knowledge in the subject of art the best they can and help enhance the student in their field/major. There are so many different opportunities for an art student at Marywood and I have never been a part of a community like this one!

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