Sephora Charlot (Class of 2027)

Blogger Role: Student Spotlight

Major: Illustration

Minor(s): Graphic Design

Clubs: Fashion Club, Theatre Club

I chose Marywood because it’s a 15-minute walk away! But that is not the only reason, the size of the school allows teachers to have a better sense of your needs and you aren’t competing for attention. Additionally, Marywood feels secluded from the rest of the city despite being in the middle of a neighborhood. The school provides a small sense of escapism and peace which is wonderful for artists and people alike. 

I am majoring in Art because I’ve been passionate about it since 6th grade. But I hadn’t taken it seriously until sophomore year when I enrolled in my tech school’s illustration/design program. I use art to communicate my interests and teach people about my culture, I believe art can be a medium for education which I’d love to bring into children’s entertainment. 

When I’m not in class, I’m usually doing work for my classes, hanging out with friends, drawing, or cleaning my room (I am a human tornado that cannot be tamed). I love working and staying busy but I have been blessed with friends who make sure I don’t work myself to death. 

So far, my favorite art class at Marywood has been Digital Design, the class has opened up my eyes to the world of graphic design and has given me a newfound appreciation for Adobe Programs. It’s fun challenging myself to come up with concepts and designs that (I hope) could be quality enough to sell. 

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far is getting good grades on my first few projects and tests, I’m very proud of how I started my college semester! The first good grade I got was in my digital design class! I always feel proud to get good grades and send them to my mom immediately. 

When I graduate I want to work in graphic design (designing posters, packaging, etc.) become a storyboard artist in an animation company for a kid’s show, and hopefully have my shop selling prints. Eventually, when I gain enough experience I’d love to become an Art Director or professor. 

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the teachers here want the best for you without putting you down. There are no unnecessary tests or insanely toxic critiques, just unconditional support from teachers who want to see you make it in the art world!

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