Tiffany Nguyen (Class of 2019)

Blogger Role: Ceramics

Major: Interior Architecture/Design

Minor: Ceramics

I chose Marywood because the environment and the people are very friendly. When I stayed for overnight at Marywood, I checked out the campus and had a awesome tour. Marywood offers Admitted Student Day, Open House, Overnight Visits, College for a Day, Weekday and Saturday Visits, and Virtual Tours. Contact Admissions to learn more! The campus at Marywood University had a different atmosphere… I knew I would fall in love with Marywood once I enrolled.

I am majoring in Interior architecture/design because I have a passion to design the interior of a space and turning it into something that would be cherished forever. I want to build my mom a house. That’s one of my biggest goals when I graduate. I like making people smile and feel happy. I’m here to turn people’s houses into homes. I love coming up with vivid ideas for the interior and sharing it with my peers.

I am minoring in ceramics because when I first touched that clay, I never knew the endless possibilities that you could have. I fell in love with the first touch. My first time taking basic ceramics, I had so much fun. I received an easy A for my final grade.

When I’m not in class, I’m either working on projects or working. I work for Chartwell’s (Marywood’s dining services provider) on the campus and for Lowe’s off campus. I also make time to paint, make jewelry, and to do ceramics.

My favorite class would always be interior architecture/design studio because the professors challenge me and I love learning about any subject that is based on houses.

The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood so far was to go on a paintball trip with the school. It was a lot of us and it was a blast! Everyone left that day with at least two to ten bruises. Another coolest thing is being one of the vendors at the Arts and Craft Fair at Marywood in spring 2017. I had the opportunity to meet other vendors and to sell my ceramics and jewelry pieces.

I’d recommend the Interior Architecture program at Marywood because the program’s education is really great and the professors will work with you one to one. You would get your own desk and you will have access to the building 24/7. It’s a place where you would let your ideas roam around and see them alive.

I’d recommend the Ceramics program at Marywood because you can be yourself. The professors are so nice here, literally anyone/everyone would help you out. The environment is so nice and spacious! You can maneuver around the space and the building is beautiful.

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