Tiffanymarie Guzzo (Class of 2018)

Blogger Role: Art Education

Major: Art Education (K-12)

Minor: Art History and Dance

I chose Marywood because it is closer to where I am currently living and being a commuter student that is nice! I also chose Marywood because it is a smaller classroom setting which I personally like for the closer connections with the professors. It is great to have that one on one connection instead of being just a number in a classroom. Marywood, for at least me, has this inviting feeling unlike most universities I visited which is another reason why I chose this school!

I am majoring in Art because I finally came eye to eye with the fact I truly enjoy it. Before I transferred to Marywood, I had an Introduction to Art Class, which was an art history class in a sense and I fell in love. The class was about an hour and fifteen minutes but each day I wish it was longer and longer, I never wanted to leave. I could see the intelligence and passion my professor had for the subject and it made me realize I want to be doing this and that is how I came to the conclusion to teach art.

When I’m not in class, I am usually home, which is about forty-five minutes away. I am always working on school assignments, art projects, or simply enjoying my time with my family and pets. I also work on the weekends at CVS/Pharmacy!

My favorite classes so far have been my art history classes. For one, I enjoy learning about history, and to learn about art in history is even better! I also enjoyed these classes because of the professors; they were extremely enthusiastic and had such passion for the subjects they were teaching, and for me that makes the learning processes better!

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was definitely the African Grey whirligig I made in my 3D class! I do enjoy working in the sculpture studio’s woodshop and I would say this is by far the best piece I have ever made.

When I graduate I plan to move back home on Long Island. I hope to become an art teacher and if not I plan to use my years of art history to work for a museum. I can definitely see myself leading tour groups and talking about artworks all day! However, I am willing to see where my career will take me because I am open to anything new and exciting!

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the professors are simply fantastic. I never meet a group of people willing to give their all to help see students succeed. They really care about what they are teaching and have a passion for what they do, they really point out the fact that they are there to help!

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