Zach Yahn (CLASS OF 2017)

Major: Illustration

I chose Marywood because growing up in the area, I wanted to stay local and of all my college visits I felt the most welcome at Marywood. The campus is so inviting that it creates a very homey feeling where there is always someone who can help.

I am majoring in Art because, all my life, producing any variety of art has brought me such joy. The payoff after putting so much time and effort into one thing is so rewarding for me. By majoring in art I’m able to hone my artistic skills and, with time, enhance them.

When I’m not in class, I’m either Hiking/Wandering in the woods, playing some intense video games with my friends, Geocaching, or drawing gobbledygook in one of my many sketch books. I try to keep myself stimulated in as many ways possible to keep my mind thinking and my ideas flowing.

My favorite class so far was Digital Illustration. Over the course of the semester we focused on one project and broke it down into the various parts to create our final piece. This experience really helped me dissect a lot of the components in what I do and tackle my disadvantages more precisely.

The coolest thing I’ve made so far is my giant cardboard fish man. The amount of trial and error in creating the sculpture was well worth the results I got. From the pure horror in its lifeless fish eyes to its dangly human legs…I think it’s pretty cool.

When I graduate I hope to find my niche as an artist and illustrator, and to have my work be seen by as many people as possible.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the faculty and staff at Marywood make spending time on campus more enjoyable and all of my professors give me new insights on what I need to do. The ways I’ve been challenged to find my way here at Marywood have been so interesting and rewarding that I say I’m making great progress thanks to this program.

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