2021 Senior Exhibit

From April 1st to May 1st, Marywood has been hosting the Senior Exhibit. This event is a collection of some of the incredible pieces created by seniors in the art department throughout the past year. I was personally blown away when I went to see the galleries hosting this event. It’s one thing to see art made hundreds of years ago in museums, and quite another to see pieces made by your peers. Both are enjoyable experiences, but it can be extremely special to see recent art and art made by people in your own community. As someone pursuing a career in art, it was especially meaningful to me to see the beautiful pieces created and captured, and was extremely inspiring as a freshman to see what is possible for my peers and maybe even me someday.

Emily Hare, Cab-erpillar Express, Gouache

Nadia Lipperini, Sadie, digital art

Alexis Christiano, Serenity, photography

Joseph Gerace, Teapot, ceramic
Marissa Kemmerlyng, Peacock Booty, clay

The seniors featured in the exhibit are as follows:

  • Autumn Bohner, Graphic Design
  • Jordan Butkus, Art Therapy
  • Victoria Castiglione, Photography
  • Carolyn Choates, Graphic Design
  • Alexis Christiano, Graphic Design
  • Aislinn Farrel, Graphic Design
  • Joseph Fazio, Graphic Design
  • Joseph Gerace, Ceramics, Illustration
  • Romina Godoy, Illustration
  • Emily Hare, Illustration
  • Aubrey Haskell, Art Therapy
  • Danielle Hermann, Art Therapy
  • Lauren Kline, Art Therapy
  • Nadia Lipperini, Illustration
  • Claire Little, Art Therapy
  • Olivia Lukowicz, Art Therapy
  • Madison Macsherry, Art Therapy
  • Christina Mccue, Art Therapy
  • Dolymarie Mercado, Art Therapy
  • Ashley Myers, Art Therapy
  • Mackenzie O’Hara, Art Therapy
  • Emma Ruhl, Photography
  • Danielle Shields, Graphic Design
  • Johanna Spencer, Illustration
  • Charley Tringali, Illustration
  • Rebecca Walters, Photography
  • Anna Zeigler, Art Therapy
  • Marissa Kemmerlyng, Art Therapy

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