5 Motivation Tips

I’m making this guide of 5 Motivation Tips for illustration majors, but really it’s for anyone who might need a little bit of a boost when you don’t have any motivation to create. I’ve recently had this problem and I thought it was impossible to to come up with anything new and creative. I want to share some things I’ve learned to help overcome it. With art most likely being your career, it’s important to learn a few tricks to defeat the dreaded “artist’s block.”

1 – Get Physical

One trick someone told me recently was to get active. By working out, running, hiking, yoga, and generally being active it increases your ability to think clearly and just boosts overall mood.

2 – Do it for You

Try to think of your project for school or work not as a project that needs to be done because you were told to. Make it unique to you as much as you can. If your creating artwork that makes you happy, you will be more motivated to finish it or put the effort in to make it look amazing.

3 – Try something new

It can get repetitive using the same techniques or materials, so switch it up. Use a medium you’ve never thought of using before or create in a style that makes you feel good. Being able to change up your routine might even be enough to motivate you!

4 – Step Back

If you still aren’t motivated, take a small break. If you’ve been staring at a painting or sketch that you weren’t completely happy with, leave for a little while and come back to it. By not looking at your project for a little while you gain a new sense of what to do when you come back and look at it again.

5 – Lastly, ask for help!

If you are really stuck, asking someone for a little bit of direction or critique of a current piece of art can never go wrong.

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