A Creative Balance

I’ve been looking for a new job this summer that would allow me to work creatively with people who are passionate about what they put their time into. With one year left before graduation, I think it’s important that everyone in their field of study starts to take it just a little more seriously. For me, this didn’t mean I was going to stress out all summer looking for an internship that demanded all of my free time. However, a bit more focus towards illustration and the arts which could add some experience to my resume as opposed to stocking shelves at a retail store would be ideal.

So, now is now! I recently started working a new job at a customizable apparel store. I know what you’re thinking; it’s not an internship job In New York City where I’m a part of some groundbreaking art movement. But it is a step in the right direction and the people I work with make me happy.

With a new creative project coming in everyday I find it hard to describe what I do as work. Nothing is repetitive. Like any creative environment, we start with ideas, narrowing them down and zoning in on what we think will work best. I have been given the opportunity to work within the computer program to then bring these designs and ideas to life. I then send them to a vinyl printer to be cut and eventually hot pressed onto articles of clothing.

My older coworkers help keep me grounded, reminding me of design elements that work, the classics, the elements and principles of art that will never get old and can always be applied. My younger coworkers keep it exciting, pushing the limits where sometimes their passion begins to drive their actions more than their head. And this is good. This for me right now is so good. There is so much that can be learned from just each other.

The clash of the two has helped me find a balance in at least one area of my life and if nothing else, I’m happy of that.

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