A Gift

I have been making art since a young age. All before college, the only art there was, was fine art. Painting and drawing was all there existed to young me. When I got to highschool I was introduced to digital art. Photoshop, illustrator, z brush and other digital- fine art mediums. The aim was still the same: concept art. Art for arts sake. Which is so good. I enjoyed it, enough that I knew I wanted to major in it, but to an extent. I started doing graphic posters and t-shirts for people and that was a lot more engaging for me. For me I found more of a passion in purposeful art, rather than purely appeal art. Don’t get me wrong I love art that is hung on a wall or for a background, I just would rather see someone else do it, than do it myself.

All this to say, I did this art recently. I have made before a holy family print, a graphic looking digital painting. I did it over a year ago for my sister’s nursery. She, few months ago, asked for a Saint Anne print. I pushed it off for a long time. I generally don’t enjoy doing that type of art. But for Christmas I made it.

saint anne and mary

Here it is. I stuck to the abstract style I did the first one. I liked the simple shapes, plus solid colors with a hint of texture. I like the cut paper collage look so I stuck with that. I personally really love the color scheme this one turned out to be, it was kind of an accident. But I love it.

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