A Night of Art in Scranton

A little cold didn’t stop me and a friend from going to the First Friday event in Scranton, PA. The night was filled with music and artwork from talented artists and musicians. First Friday is a great way to get off campus and look at amazing artwork by different artists.

Here is an overview of galleries that I attended on February 6, 2015:

The AFA Gallery – featuring Michael X Rose and Scott Mitchell Putesky  (Co-founder of Marilyn Manson, who took on the pseudonym Daisy Berkowitz)

Michael X Rose’s artwork was oil on canvas, and a lot of his images are very violent. One of the pieces that I remember from his collection was a horizontal piece that showed wolves killing humans. The one section of the painting that stood out most to me was a wolf eating a human stomach with blood painted in a bright red. A very interesting way to depict different scenes that could happen in real life! By contrast, Scott Mitchell Putesky’s work uses a wide variety of materials including collages, marker, photo, drawing, mixed media, colored pencil, and pastel. His variety of materials also reflected the wide variety of artworks he created.

Artist’s Gallery and Studio –  Enjoy the View featuring Joe Kluck and Michael Sorrentino

Enjoy the View had two very talented artists. Joe Kluck’s work, in my opinion, was unbelievable. All of his artwork depicts very realistic drawings of grapes, blueberries, onions, apples, and garlic. The detail that he put into the food was so realistic, it was as if you could pick them up right then and there. Unfortunately the artist did not mention what kind of medium he used, but when looking at them I would say oil pastels, or just regular pastels. But whatever Kluck used, he knew how to use them in a very realistic manner.

Marquis Art and Frame –  New Designs & Old Favorites, Just in time for Valentines Day: Jenn Bell; Marywood Art Therapy Student Show featuring mixed media works.

The Marywood Art Therapy students had artwork in this show, and it was nice to see work made by those who attend the same school as you. Even though I didn’t know some of the students, I was still proud that they were able to show off their amazing work to the public.

The Workshop – Letterpress Printing

Letterpress coaster @ The Workshop

Sample letterpress coaster from The Workshop in downtown Scranton during First Friday in February 2015.

Letterpress printing is something that I have always been interested in. I think one of the reasons why I love it is because it has to do a lot with typography, and I love working with type. One of the professors here at Marywood University, Christine Medley, holds regular and private classes at The Workshop on Adams Avenue. I was able to do a little sample of what it is like the work with the letterpress. I hope to attend one of her workshops soon to be able to make more letterpress prints. Here is a small example of what I did.



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