A Show in Boston

Last Sunday I got to spend the day in Boston. I had only been a few times before so it was nice to see the city again. I love the old buildings mixed in with the new. The city is completely covered in brick, you can easily imagine what it looked like in colonial times.

While in Boston I saw the premiere of the movie musical The Moulin Rouge. A classic love triangle story, The Moulin Rouge follows a young writer named Christian who falls in love in 1899 Paris with Satine, a French showgirl and prostitute. Although there is a Duke who claims her and is also funding a theater production that will save the whore house from bankruptcy and of which she is to be the star, Christian and she begin an affair right under the nose of the Duke. When they are found out, the Duke threatens Satine to have Christian killed unless she sends him away, which she can only do by telling him she doesn’t love him. Anyway, I won’t spoil the movie for those who want to see it. But it’s a really fun film filled the covers of famous pop songs.

StageThe production was fantastic, costume, lighting the set were all perfectly on point. There were new songs added which gave humor to the show.  The writing and character development strayed some from the movie. The main criticism that I would give is that the ending is too quiet and calm, compared to that of the movie. I felt that it didn’t do justice to the love story shown throughout the musical. Overall I believe it was wonderfully done and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the movie.

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