A Sweet Treat 

So last week I talked about my tiny bottles and the problems I run into when I make them. This week I decided to try a completely new medium that was almost like working with clay. I decided to try to make cakes and decorate them with fondant! It was really interesting and nothing like I thought it was going to be. I do not know how people make these really extravagant cakes and decorate them with fondant. The first cake I made was for an all white baby shower, so I wanted something simple but pretty because it was the first cake I ever made.

I think it turned out the be pretty successful, especially for it being my first cake ever. The only problem with fondant it that it looks beautiful but it does not taste good. It’s too chewy for a cake, but in my opinion I think the look is so worth it. When I made this cake I had to think outside the box when it came to making so many flowers. The first few flowers I cutout by hand, but  then I realized that was a ridiculous amount of work. So then I had to think of something I could use to make it easier for me. I realized we had an apple corer that was perfectly round so I used that, and if the fondant got stuck in the opening I could use the tool that usually pops out the apple core, to get out the fondant. It worked so well! Once I started using the apple corer, it went to fast finishing to cake because it made the flower making so much easier.

Later that week it was a friend’s birthday so I used that opportunity to make yet another cake. Now both cakes I made were the same type, a coffee chocolate cake. Well my friend loves basketball so I made a cake, trimmed it into a dome, and then decorated it. This one was much harder because there were different colored fondant. I was a little disappointed with how this one turned out, but it was only my second cake! I have to try and make more designs because I really enjoyed the new medium!



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