A Touch of Watercolor

Lately, I have been completing rough sketches with ink within both my sketchbook and my visual journal! These sketches are included in my prompt challenge and just in general. Using ink in a rough sketch manner has really helped me stay connected with my art in a quick motion within my busy schedule! Having these sketches is always a good way to look back for inspiration for future projects!

One thing I have noticed from these fun ink sketches that they are easy to go back and add to! With my prompt challenge and my other sketches, I have been going back to my sketches to add watercolor! The way ink and watercolor relate to one another is so distinct. Ink can be so dark and harsh on the page, but adding watercolor to the ink adds a pop of color and fluidity to the ink! The lightness and the way watercolors flow  bring such a strong relationship out when paired up with ink.



Above are some examples of mine on how watercolor can relate to ink drawings! Watercolor also is often associated with mindfulness. From knowing this beforehand, I tend to open my mind a little more when returning to an ink drawing. Mindfulness is something a lot of us could benefit from! From using this peaceful media, one can relax and unwind without even knowing it. I’m sure most of us could use a little stress relief, am I right? My recommendation is try out watercolors for a little bit of mindfulness and see what these beautiful colors can bring you!

Featured image: [http://cloviscommunityed.com/education/watercolor/]

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