A W-holy Community

This is a ten-part series in reviewing and experiencing through art experiential’s, the book by Cathy A. Malchiodi, The Soul’s Palettethe book we are studying in my Intro to Arts and Healing art therapy course.

Chapter 10: Sharing the Artist Within

This final chapter brings all previous chapters together and focuses on how to apply everything to help the community. To bring healing to others through community art activities. There is a strong sense of humility, compassion, and honor as the main focus for art in communities.

An aspect of doing art in a community setting that people are able to view each other’s expression with complete acceptance. There is no judgment on how a person feels and how they express it through art. It brings people together and shares in the struggles, as well as share in the healing that takes place through the art.

Malchiodi mentions a Buddhist principle call “bodhichitta, the innate awareness that may lead to acts of compassion (p.207).” Witnessing and sharing in the pain of others brings up empathy and compassion. It forms friendships, lasting relationships, and even healing.

Earlier in the semester, at a Delight Ministries activity, we ladies got together to do a painting to honor Jesus, etc… for Easter. A passage was read from the Bible and then we all sat quietly and painted what we felt. Afterward, everyone took turns sharing what they painted and why. It brought us all closer together, but it also brought us all closer to the God of our understanding.

I did a small painting to reflect both Easter (egg shapes) and the Holy Trinity.

This community activity allowed a group of us to grow in spirit-mind-body; and it strengthened a lot of relationships in the process.

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