Abstract Art

During my last spring semester in figure drawing 2 class, I was assigned to make a collage of figures for the final project. The figures were provided to me by email from my professor and the size was either tape together two 18 x 24 inch sheets of drawing paper or four 18 x 24 sheets. The project could have been done in grayscale or color and it needed at least 10 figures in various different angles.

I compiled a series of sketches in my sketchbook to get an outline for my final. When it was time to tape together the four 18 x 24 sheets of drawing paper I was stump as to where I would work on this piece. Then I had the great idea to just tape the whole thing to the wall. I use a stool to get to the top section of the piece and I stood for the bottom half of it. I put a grid on the sketch and then made the same grid on the drawing paper.

The whole project took about 100 hours to fully complete. I started with a black outline of the figures and then I added additional lines across all the figures. I then color blocked each separated segment starting from the bottom left to the top left. This project wasn’t like the other I’ve done before. It was very big for what I normally work on, and I used pastels and charcoal instead of my usual pen and ink. I still enjoyed doing this project a lot and am very proud of what I created.

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