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Ceramics is a skills that truly can never be quite perfected. There is so much depth to explore, and so many routes to go within the art that it might just be impossible to master every aspect. Your creativity is the limit when it comes to making new pieces. One easy way to add a dash of creative liberty to your ceramic work is by adding things onto the outsides of vessels. This could be something simple like textures or even carving into the surface to create patterns or images. on the other hand, you can always add more material instead of taking it away.

Adding interest to a basic mug form by putting a face on it

Adding characters and faces to plain forms is a fun way to spice it up and catch some attention. While some people enjoy the beautiful simplicity of a well-crafted traditional form, many like to have a unique and amusing vessel instead; and these faces do the job perfectly. I made this mug like every other – thrown on the wheel, later attaching a handle and after it was semi-hard i started to add clay on the surface. Adding clay, taking clay away and slowly shaping it up however you want. In my example I gave the character a nice Italian nose and a little stogie to go along with the incredulous eyes that reminded me of my own grandfather.

top view – showing proportion

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