Adjusting to Life and School

Hello everyone! As we are all aware the current pandemic has caused University’s across the country to transition to online learning. This switch comes with its pro’s and con’s as most situations do in life, but I am making the most of it. On Monday March 23rd at Marywood we transitioned to online learning. In order to make a more organized schedule for myself, I have created a work space for myself in the dinning room of my apartment. I tend to take up a lot of work space so having a six person sized desk makes my life that much easier.

In regards to classes and staying on track with readings, homework, projects and papers, I have made a schedule for myself. I start my day with a nice breakfast and look over emails while drinking my morning coffee. I find this time to be a nice start to my day where I can reflect on what lies ahead. I am still waking up as early as I normally would just to stay on schedule and feel even the slightest bit normal again. My professor’s have been great during this time. Anytime I have a question of any kind, my professor’s are quick to respond and are just as helpful. I have found that doing the course work at the time my class would normally meet in person would be more beneficial for my schedule. This has been helpful for me, but I know that everyone work different in regards to getting work done.

I understand this time is extremely stressful at this time for everyone. We are all able to relate to one another because all of our lives are put on hold. We are all united in this way for the betterment of humanity, and that’s why I hope that people are using this down time to reflect.

I have noticed in myself how much I consume during this time. The amount of money for indulgence that I was spending and doing before the pandemic was outrageous. I am using my time to cleanse my life and consider what is it that I really need. It’s eye opening. We are not entitled to luxuries, we truly only need the basics and not all the extras. In general, I am an extremely grateful person, but the current state of the world as allowed me truly value what I have. I have been taking all precautions to protect myself and those around me from spreading diseases.

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