Throughout the semester I have been focusing in on similar ideas and have tried to build a very cohesive body of work. For the most part, I feel like I have succeeded. Each piece that I have created has stayed true to my vision of compositional balance, totem-like creations, and a sacred, tribal feeling. Each of my sculptures has taken on deeper meaning as places of offering both large and small.

After taking these concepts to a certain point, I felt it was time to tackle a different aspect of these ideas; the body. Each sculpture is meant to be interacted with in a specific way, and I felt what better way to express that than creating something wearable that becomes something ritualistic and also tribal. Jewelry was the obvious choice since it offered so much room for creativity. I made a sketch and began on my necklace.

As I worked the relation to other works and it’s ritualistic quality became more and more apparent. The soft, delicate, and feminine quality of the pearls made so much sense paired with the polished masculine looking nails. This combination has been one of my favorites to touch upon. After working to a halfway point and letting go of some ideas I had in my first sketch, the necklace went from being an adornment meant for a woman to one that could make a bit more sense on a man. The design changed slightly, and I think the decisions that I had made worked out in my favor. The whole process was rather quick and I’ve been convinced to wear it to my opening on Friday, May 1st, 2015, with fellow blogger Emma Pilon during First Friday in Scranton, PA, details below. Hopefully by then I could have another done that can actually sit on a pedestal surrounded by similar pieces of a series.

3D Diffusion  with Matthew Shamnoski & Emma Pilon

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