Almost Done!

As from a previous article written a few weeks ago, I started a painting with oil paints with movement created by the palette knives. Well I now am excited to say that this painting is almost done! Working with the limited time I have to paint and practice as much as I can in the summer, I am anticipating where I’ll see this one go.

I took a break from oils until this painting and I am happy  I chose oils for this particular painting. Oil paints have this consistency like no other paint. Sometimes it can be easily managed, sometimes not so much. It is not as liquidy as acrylics or watery like watercolors, but contributes a great substance to the painting when used. I know that if my time in the summer wasn’t so limited, this painting would have been completed already. BUT I also like to see the piece coming together little by little. It’s like a new fresh set of eyes and new ideas each time I come back to it at night. Pictures will be added when all is officially done, but this piece has great texture. It definitely is not ideal for viewers to touch the painting they’re in front of, but I don’t think that gives the full effect. Because such motion is added through the oils in this painting, it is only right to run your hand across the canvas. I am starting to really enjoy all of the different colors incorporated into this piece and laid on top of the canvas.

Sometimes just running with your ideas and going with the flow when painting may not always lead to the outcome you expected. Overall, this piece was new, soothing, and will lead as an inspiration for future pieces. Now I know I gave details about the painting in here without any pictures to back me up, but I promise they will come when the piece is all done instead almost!

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