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Hello! So this week is another classwork update! I’ve mentioned before that I am studying ceramics and Illustration and I have really been challenged by my storyboarding class. I got my draft for my last project together and I wanted to share.

The assignment was to create a storyboard for a scene in a story we have created ourselves. While I was supposed to use the characters I made in previous assignments, I didn’t set myself us for success for this assignments with those prior drawings.

This story is newer and had the sort of action scenes that made sense for the class. In this story, a dude gets attacked by a werewolf which already lends itself to a more exciting drawing. In the scene below, a young man is traveling home on a rainy night, continuously distracted by the radio and his wife, who has called repeatedly, and who he has ignored repeatedly. He looks up to see a man who appears to be injured in the road. The young man calls for an ambulance and tries to ascertain if the man in the road is hurt. It turns out the man in the road is a creature in the throws of transformation and the young man is attacked. The rest of the story is the devolution of the young couples marriage as this fella slowly turns into the monster who attacked him… or something like that.

This is a draft- The final product will be typed and neat, and I would like to amend some of the drawings digitally (not my strong suit). I have struggles with this class a little (this kind of drawing does not feel innate) but I enjoyed this so much I could see drawing more of the story.

Tumnus Moran Storyboarding Page 1
Tumnus Moran Storyboarding Page 2
Tumnus Moran Storyboarding Page 3
Tumnus Moran Storyboarding Page 4
Tumnus Moran Storyboarding Page 5
Tumnus Moran Storyboarding Page 6

What’s Playing – So I really should be keeping better track of what I suggest here because I feel I have posted this song before, but the song playing for much of the storyboarded scene above, Take Me Home Tonight is playing so it seems only fitting I give you a quick link to that here!

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