I told you I’d be back!

We have officially arrived at the first week of June, and, as promised, I’m here to fill you in on all of the incredibly riveting things I have done in the first couple of weeks of the summer… aside from recuperate from a grueling semester by melding into a couch potato to the point of sprouting eyes that is. Like I said in my last post, many moons ago, we all need a break sometimes, right?

But among the consistent cat naps and mindless movie marathons, I have managed to do some pretty exciting things with the time I took off. For one, I went to southern California! That’s no small feat, right?

In all seriousness, I’m not looking for validation; the reason I mention it is because I thought our Where Creativity Works readers might be interested in seeing some of the incredible works I had the opportunity to experience at the American Museum of Ceramic Art. One of the days of my trip was entirely dedicated to spending hours in this museum, and I don’t regret one second. I was completely floored by some of the pieces in the facility, and the HUGE names that accompanied them. Paul Soldner, Bernard Leach, Peter Voulkos, Karen Karnes, Warren Mackenzie, Jun Kaneko, Don Reitz, and so many others were all there, and just when I collected myself enough to turn the corner, another would be there to nearly knock the wind out of me again. It was absolutely incredible, and I was so grateful for the opportunity. Check out some of the photos I took:

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So yeah, you can see I was a little excited, but I hope this post makes you just as excited!! Surrounding myself with the work of the greats makes me want to be great as well, and it is possible if I keep my goals at the forefront of my mind. And please, continue to open the floodgates! Share with me “the greats” you hold the highest! No information intake is bad information intake when attempting to broaden your artistic horizons, yes?

Hope to chat in the comments below before I post again in early July! Thanks for the read!

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