An Artist’s Work is Never Done 

Let’s be honest; no one gets all of their projects done on time. Sometimes it takes longer than you would like. This was the case for my ceramics class that I took last semester. About the last week of classes my teacher gave us an assignment to make a tea pot. Everyone knew it would never be glazed and fired on time but we still tried.

image I used coils to make my tea pot because for me it was faster. I used the same technique on the mug I made to match it. The plate was a last minute decision that I made on a pottery wheel. I thought these three pieces would make a nice set together. The tea pot was baked before the semester was over but the plate and mug would have to wait over the winter break to be fired.

After the break was over I came back to the fired mug and plate. With my new class schedule I would have to find time to glaze these pieces. Finally one of my later classes was cancelled and I took that time to finish glazing. It took three hours but it was worth seeing the finished results. Sometimes finishing a project takes time and it won’t get done all at once. Just remember that every artist struggles with it.

2 thoughts on “An Artist’s Work is Never Done 

  1. Love these pieces Dom!!! The the symmetry is almost perfect and the colors are very complimentary. Love what you did with the handles, adds interest and texture… So proud of you!

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