And The Count Down Begins.

Wow! I cannot believe that spring break has come and past already. This semester is flying by. Now that spring break is over, all of the seniors are being catapulted towards our senior show that will be opening on Saturday, April 6th. We are trying to get all of our pieces perfect to put in the gallery, then we are working with printers for high quality prints, and some of us are even taking trips for framing. For the senior show, no expense is spared because not only will our faculty and classmates be viewing our work, but also professionals in our field.

We are getting excited because all of our business cards are coming in the mail, and seeing all of our hard work showcased in our digital portfolios because for some weird reason it did not feel real until those moments. I always heard talk about the Senior show and what a whirlwind of a time it is for the seniors, but now that I am living it, I agree with them 100%. All of the craziness will be worth it on that day when we see all of our hard work hanging up in the gallery and down the hall.


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