Animation for the Illustrator (moving structures)

For my latest art project, our class was given the prompt to design our own moving structure inspired by the Ghibli movie, Howl’s Moving Castle. After rewatching the film, a few ideas came to mind, and I begun working on the conceptual sketches.

My very first idea was a sentient flower picking robot. It carried a basket on its back and one arm for slicing the flowers and the other for scooping them up. I was happy with the idea, but it didn’t entirely fit the criteria as it was supposed to be a ‘structure’. So I scraped that and sketched up a moving treehouse again. For this one, I also liked the design, but I didn’t have a solid justification as to how the tree actually moved with its roots. Eventually, my professor and I decided that the silhouette of the water tank drill was the strongest design that best fit the goal of the project.

I took this design and made it a lot stronger and more readable by giving it more weight in the angle of the legs. I also reinforced the idea of big, medium, small and group the shapes so that it reads as (Big- Tank, Medium- legs, and Small- Inner workings). Whereas before, the shapes were much too nebulous and didn’t give off the feeling of a stable mechanism

‘Moving’ on to my final illustration, I imported the design I created and made a few small touch ups to it. Then, I began with flat colors in order to get the same energy as a Ghibli film. I had the most fun with the clouds, and spent some time rendering those in and adding jet trails to hint at other possible flying structures in the environment. I then added a rust to the plating to hint at the water drill being decommissioned, and I added a person next to it to emphasize scale and tell a subtle story.

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