Ansel Adams

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I hope you are all doing well, the topic for this week is going to be related to my current studies in History of Photography I. We have discussed the basic processes; calotype, daguerreotype, wet colloidan, dry plate, digital, etc. But now we are diving into actual photographers, starting with some of the first photographers, then moving to war photography, and now traveling photography.

Traveling photography is referring to the time of Manifest Destiny when America was under construction and moving West. The jobs for many of these artists was to romanticize the landscape and the progress to make it attractive to citizens to part with their comfortable ways in the East. The newly established National Parks such as Yosemite and Yellowstone were also two hot topics for said marketing.

Charles L. Weed is speculated to have been the first photographer to photograph Yosemite National Park, which led to many followers. Ansel Adams was certainly not the first to photograph these parks, but while you browse through the images, you can clearly see his distinct sense of drama and curiosity that is sure to provoke wanderlust in anyone that views them, even decades later!

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