Any Progress Counts

Hello!  To say the last few days of 2020 were hectic would be an understatement.  I wasn’t able to put the time into my art that I would have liked but I got something worked on at least…

Progress I Made this Week-

Tumnus Moran Abstract Painting Happiness

I went a little wild with my abstract painting.  I started by turning the canvas and painting into old forms at new angles but I wasn’t very happy with the results.  There are still some remnants of faces from that experiment but ultimately I just drew a little dude over the parts I didn’t like.  He may not be a permanent installation but he will make me think about the painting differently for a while.

I feel like it’s almost not worth presenting progress on this self-portrait but I did tweak a few spots over the past week.  I fixed some color issues, began to adjust the shoulder, and I’m trying to reign in and realign the hairline, chin, eyes, and eyebrows but I’m finding some time to reflect and let my paint settle is helpful.

Tumnus Moran New Journal Page 2021

I gave myself a fresh page in my journal!  It’s not much of a start but I also got the pages before in order.  I look forward to making more progress, having something to show for myself, and finishing another book.

What’s Playing- This week I had a song stuck in my head from an old playlist but it fits well in my latest mood.  Foxglove – Murder by Death

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